People underestimate the power of giving value.

Giving value to people means transferring your positive worth from your life (favors, presents, a good way of treating them) to theirs.

Just because you want, not because you have to.

Acting not having your thoughts, words and actions aligned will be as clear as a nun walking on snow for the people around you.

Today I received two presents: one from my ex flat mate, the other from a 5 years old girl.

I love working with children because they have no filters. And they can sense it.

If you don’t really mean being there with them, they won’t play with you, they won’t hold your hand, they won’t give you presents. And they won’t remember you.

But you if enjoy their presence, you show your active interest in what they do and in who they are, you will see.

The reactions you get are overwhelming.

Too bad we grow up. And we start holding so much of us back, just because we grow up.

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